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We provide executives with actionable security insights and knowledge.

How does your organization...

  • ...develop an actionable security strategy?
  • ...interpret all of the data from your security systems?
  • ...define priorities?
  • ...know if your security investments are reducing risk?
  • ...demonstrate continuous improvement and compliance?

Security Vitals exists to help organizations identify and effectively manage risk.

Through consulting, managed programs, and testing services, Security Vitals uses strategy, process, and technology to solve challenges related to compliance and cybersecurity.

Our solutions provide executives with actionable security insights and knowledge delivering measurable results for your security program.

Team Qualifications

The Security Vitals team includes a wealth of Information Technology and cyber security experience that includes sales, project management, technical and process-focused skillsets.


Rob Cote


Michael Diehl

Consulting Director

Josh Gravlin

Account Manager

Tom Weil

Security Consultant

Cortney Wilmering

Documentation Specialist

Our Partners

Security Vitals offers a broad range of technology and service partners to support the diverse needs of our customers.