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We can help you with our

Consulting Services

Many organizations need to address known gaps in their Cyber-Security program.   Security Vitals also offers fixed-fee projects that are tailored to deliver best practice security initiatives.

We'll evaluate your business and assist in

Policy Development

Every organization has infrastructure and data that is critical to ongoing operations.  Having defined policies that clearly communicate how employees are expected to protect IT assets and data are a critical component for any information security program.   Security Vitals will evaluate your business and develop information security policies that are tailored to the needs of the organization.

Limiting the biggest threat to your security through

Awareness Training

The simple reality is…your employees represent the biggest threat to effectively securing the organizations data. Recurring training helps reduce risk by ensuring they understand the impact of corporate policies and the increasing complexity of social engineering and phishing attacks. Our training programs provide in-depth, easy-to-follow content with media options that include documentation, slides, and video format.

Best practice methods for

Incident Response

It’s not a question of if, but one of when a piece of critical data will be accessed under questionable circumstances; the worst-case scenario is a data breach.   How will your team respond; will they know what to do?  A clearly written plan provides the structure and framework to effectively respond and minimize the impact of a data incident.  Security Vitals applies industry best practice methods to develop a practical incident response plan.