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Identify, Manage, Mitigate Your Enterprise Risk Learn How We Can Help Our executive dashboard and endpoint security programs help you effectively identify, manage, and mitigate security gaps. Non-Stop Compliance We support Learn More Organizations subject to NIST800-171 risk losing government contracts if they do not meet the requirements. Relentlessly On Guard Our solution is Learn More With more than 12 million malware variants released every month, our decidedly different approach defines what software can run on your devices and everything else is suspicious or denied by default. Ignoring Risk Doesn't make it go away Learn How We Can Help Our dashboard translates your security data into meaningful risk scores and empowers effective resource planning and security program execution. Patients at Risk Malware attacks leave your Learn How We Can Help Malware attacks increased more than 300% between 2014 and 2015. Are your computers, medical devices and patient data protected? Measure, Track, Allocate Your security program resources Learn How We Can Help If you can’t measure progress…there is no way to tell if security investments are reducing risk. Our executive dashboard illustrates performance.


Addressing complex NIST requirements can put a real strain on an organization. Our Compliance as a Service offering delivers ongoing process and technical requirements with a monthly service program.


Evaluating your infrastructure and applications on a recurring basis identifies security gaps that could lead to a data breach. Our testing services expose weaknesses and provide details on how to effectively mitigate them.


Knowing what needs to be done and having the resources to deliver can be a difficult balance. Our oversight services provide ongoing knowledge and expertise to support your security program.

Vulnerability Management

Making sense of the vast data produced by vulnerability scanning technologies is a difficult challenge.   Our platform blends ongoing services with a specialized metrics dashboard to help organizations prioritize and manage vulnerabilities. 

Organizations want to know

How Do You...

  • ...develop an actionable security strategy?
  • ...interpret all of the data from your security systems?
  • ...define priorities?
  • ...know if your security investments are reducing risk?
  • ...demonstrate continuous improvement?

Let Security Vitals do the heavy lifting. Our solutions will deliver measurable results for your security program.

Many organizations are

Worried About NIST800-171 Compliance

Addressing the standard requires a complex blend of process and technology.

  • Identifying Gaps
  • Developing required documentation
  • Implementing infrastructure changes
  • Validating and preparing for audit

Our team has the real-world experience to help.