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Relentlessly On Guard

Protecting your patient data from the threat of Ransomware.

Valued at 30 x more than credit card data, patient records are a prime target for cyber-crime. Ransomware specifically designed to disrupt computing resources, is one of the leading threats to patient data. HIPAA now requires healthcare providers to self-report violations for computing resources with patient data that are impacted my malware.

How can providers effectively address these threats?

Traditional antivirus blocking technologies are often used to stop these threats. With more than 1M new forms of malware released each month, it becomes statistically impossible to stop all forms of malware. Security Vitals’ Healthcare Security Program applies a different approach to solve the problem…instead of tracking what is “bad”, we define what “good” and allowed to run on your computing resources. All else is either suspicious or denied by default.

Our Healthcare Security Program is relentlessly on guard…protecting your patient data from the threat of Ransomware.