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Accurate insights are the cornerstone for

Effective Risk Management

Cyber Security expertise is a scarce commodity.  Having accurate insights and applying the right blend of technical and process know-how is the cornerstone for effective risk management.   Security Vitals offers a broad set of service offerings that are managed at a program level to address common security gaps.  


VIrtual CISO

Size and scale have a lot to do with an organization’s ability to support a full-time Chief Information Security Officer.  Many have the need…but simply cannot justify the cost. Security Vitals can deliver the oversight and expertise necessary to architect and manage your security program at a fraction of what it costs to employ a CISO. 


Compliance as a Service

Keeping up with compliance requirements can put a real strain on an organization.  Organizations large and small are all measured against the same requirements; for many, the greatest barrier to success is a lack of resources. Our Compliance as a Service offering addresses ongoing process and technical requirements with a monthly service program.

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Security Program Development

Not all security programs are compliance driven.  Increased awareness and publicity about data breaches has elevated corporate data security to the boardroom level.  For organizations that want a structured security program but lack the expertise or resources to deliver it, Security Vitals can help.  Our solution utilizes a best practice, maturity-based approach that improves data security over time. 

Defining risk through

Risk Metrics Development

How does your organization define risk? It’s not an easy task. Executives want to know, “Are we covered?” …but a lack of tangible metrics makes if difficult to measure.  Security Vitals can help define meaningful metrics that are based on your current security process and technology platforms.