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Patients At Risk?

Providing you with solutions to protect patient data.

In the world of modern cyber-crime, no target is considered off limits. Ransomware by its very nature is software designed to disrupt the normal operations of computing resources.

What is the impact on patient care?

Because medical devices run on various forms of computer operating systems, they are vulnerable to the same attacks as other computing resources. Think about the impact of a medical device that stops working because it gets infected with malware. In June of 2016 the FDA reversed its position on medical device security and now requires healthcare providers to take “reasonable” measures to secure them. Effectively protecting medical devices presents a whole new set of challenges.

Our Healthcare Security Program stops malware from disrupting medical devices. Configurations developed for specific make, model, and manufacturer are available for organizations that want to keep their patients safe.

Our Healthcare Security Program is relentlessly on guard…protecting your patient data from the threat of Ransomware.