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Vulnerability Dashboard

Scanning networked assets helps organizations understand where security gaps exist… but taking the appropriate action is a difficult balance between priorities and resources.

Our Vulnerability Management Dashboard helps you

Conquer Mountains of Data

Ongoing network vulnerability scans provide critical insights for any security program. Scanning technologies do a great job collecting vulnerability data…but the sheer volume of findings they generate creates a whole different challenge. Time is a precious resource, so knowing what to fix now is critical; our risk-based dashboard eliminates false positives and prioritizes workload.

Cryptic Data Translates Cryptic Data... Actionable Results ...Into Actionable Results... Executive View ...and executive insights. Our Dashboard

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If you are not happy with the dashboard just tell us in the first 60 days and we will return your money.

Dashboard Features

Provides key insights with executive and operational metrics
  • Dynamic data presentation
  • Trending and Key Performance Indicators
  • Role-based views with clearly defined priorities
  • Desktop and Mobile platforms
  • Input from external threat sources enriches priorities and classifications

Key Benefits

of a risk-based dashboard

Organizations that want to reduce risk and improve resource utilization will benefit from our dashboard:

  • Prioritizes findings and eliminates false positives
  • Reports risk by location and asset group
  • Elevates vulnerability program visibility and performance
  • Provides trending and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) feedback
  • Enhances vulnerability findings with external threat data
  • Distributes mitigation workload to key stakeholders